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Piotr Kurek is a Warsaw based musician and multi-instrumentalist who straddles the world of electronic music and minimalism with an inspiringly novel approach. A firm characteristic of his work is diversity, through his unconventional use of various electronic instruments and synthesisers he built a reputation for himself as a qualified inventor of hypnotic worlds drenched in uncanny arrangements. Known from his numerous aliases, albums released for Black Sweat Records, Hands In The Dark, Dunnom, Crónica, Foxy Digitalis, Sangloplasmo and collaborations (most notably with Sylvia Monnier as Suaves Figures, Hubert Zemler as Piętnastka and Francesco de Gallo as ABRADA) and rather peculiar DJ sets (as one of the founders of Warsaw’s Smutaż parties).

His newly released album “Polygome”for French label Hands In The Dark gives us another idiosyncratic form of musical language and an exceptional original recording. His creative energy takes us on an entrancing tour around a collection of modern, cubic and art brut tunes, where architectural fantasies co-exist with humorous, colourful portraits. He creates shapes which are full of surprises and mystery.

Kurek has participated in numerous music festivals including Unsound, CTM, OFF, TodaysArt and UH Fest as well as participating in extensive tours in Poland and abroad. In 2014 and 2015 he opened for Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s two European mini- tours. In 2016 he has be selected as a part of Shape platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe.

„Bridging the worlds of Modern Classical composition, musique concrète, electronic and electroacoustic music, organic jazz and minimalism while fitting comfortably in none, for more than a decade Piotr Kurek has remained a slow and elusive fixture in our sonic landscape, creating an entirely singular, almost lawless world of his own. After a series of records made in collaboration with others, and solo efforts under different monikers, the Warsaw based musician returns with a brand new LP - Polygome, his first working with Hands in The Dark. It's a stunner on every count, filled with surprise and unstable ground for which Kurek has unquestionably become known..." Sound Ohm review

„There has always been a fair share of structured cave-ins happening with avant-garde electronic music, wherein the sound is fighting with itself and we ostensibly are to find purchase in this tension and engage. Sometimes these works elude us, and sometimes they simply alienate us from friends, thereby imperceptibly de-prioritizing the material. But Piotr Kurek has given us the sort of gem here that feels special enough that you wanna keep it to yourself, rather than potentially taint it with an inescapably witty, glib outside assess-ment...” Tiny Mix Tapes review